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Top 5 Beaches In Sindhudurg

Beaches in Sindhudurg 

Konkan is a beautiful scenic spot located in the Western part of the state of Maharashtra. It is divided into a total of 7 districts. Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Palghar, Thane, Mumbai city, and Mumbai suburban are the 7 districts in which the  Konkan region is divided. The Konkan region is a strip of land between the western coast of India and the Sahyadri mountain range.

Konkan railway passing through tunnel

It is a great place to get away from the daily grind and to enjoy the trip. There are many places to visit in Konkan. Konkan is especially famous for its beaches and forts. Once you reach Konkan, you will know what how actually Konkan looks like.

sindhudurg beaches

Surrounded by lush greenery, bushes, valleys, forests, this Konkan tempts everyone with its beauty. The train route passes through a lot of tunnels, rivers, and valleys full of the waterfall makes this journey memorable. The rail route to Konkan is one of the most beautiful and exciting train routes in Maharashtra. This is a great place to go for a trip with the family. 

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Apart from all of this, Konkan is also famous for one more thing, which is Alphonso Mango. Devgad and Ratnagiri are famous in all over India for its Alphonso Mango and also the people here are very good-natured and helpful.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous beaches in the Sindhudurg district in the Konkan region.

1.Bhogwe Beach:  

Bhogwe beach is one of the best and cleanest beaches in Sindhudurg. Its like a secrete treasure, about 6 kilometers away from Parule Bazar in Kudal city. The beach is super clean and lovely, making it one of the best spots around. Bhogwe beach is located on the western shores of the Sindhudurg district. It is near to Nivati Fort.

Sindhudurg Beaches
Bhogwe Beach

The beach is between the famous beaches Tarkarli and vengurla. Surrounded by rocks and forests makes this beach unique. It is included in the list of the top cleanest beaches in India. It is the best spot for travelers looking for peace and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Sindhudurg Beaches
Bhogwe Beach
Sindhudurg Beaches
Bhogwe Beach

This beach is different from all other beaches. Here you can enjoy swimming without any worries as it’s not dangerous as the rest of the beaches. But it can be quite risky in the monsoon. Water sports activities are also available like Scuba diving, parasailing, and so on.

Distance From:

  • Kudal: 30 km
  • Parule Bajar: 6 km
  • Tarkarli beach:25 km
  • Sindhudurg Fort: 22 km

Famous For: Beach, Water sports activities

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal

2.Tarkarli Beach:

Tarkarli Beach is one of the best beaches in Sindhudurg, just 25 Km from Bhogwe Beach and 30 Km from Kudal station. It became super popular after Maharashtra Tourism Development Cooperation ( MTDC ) opened a beach resort there.

Now it’s known as one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra. The beach is awesome for catching stunning sunsets, making it a must-visit spot for a peaceful and beautiful coastal experience. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing and scenic getaway.

Tarkarli Beach

Taking a walk on this beach early in the morning is really fun. If you come here in the morning, you will see starfish on the beach. It is also famous for its water sports activities like a Banana rides, Speed boat rides, Parasailing, Scuba-diving, and so on.

Distance From:

  • Kudal: 45 km via Malvan
  • Bhogwe Beach: 25 km
  • Sindhudurg Fort: 6 km

Famous For: Water sports activities,to view sunset 

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal

 3.Tsunami Island:

It is one of the most famous spots in Sindhudurg. In recent years, it has become a significant location for water sport activities. It is located in the city of Kudal, in the district of Sindhudurg. It is about 3 km. from Bhogwe beach and 30 km from Kudal.

Tsunami Island

Here you can enjoy many water sports like a Banana ride, Bumpy ride, Speed boat ride, Scuba-Diving, and Parasailing. There is something special about this Island is that the water level rises automatically in the afternoon and goes decreasing in the early morning. Here you will get to see many small snack shops for breakfast.

You can reach here by boat. When tsunami waves hit the Indian ocean in the year 2004, at that time Tsunami Island appeared. Due to this, Island got its name Tsunami Island.

Distance from:

  • Kudal: 30 km
  • Parule Bajaar: 3 km.
  • Tarkarli Beach:8 km via sagari mahamarg
  • Sindhudurg Fort: 10 km via sagari mahamarg

Famous For: Water sports activities.

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal

4.Nivati Beach:

It is situated very close to Nivati Fort. Nivati Fort is not in good condition but the view from the top is awesome. If you want peace, this is the place for you. It’s not as busy as other beaches in Sindhudurg, making it perfect for those who prefer tranquility. Photography lovers will especially enjoy capturing its beauty.

Nivati Rock

Nivati beach is located in Parule Village, just a short distance from Bhogwe, about 5 Km and from Tarkarli it is located at a distance of 10 Km.

Distance From:

  •  Kudal: 30 km
  •  Parule Bajaar: 5 km
  • Tarkarli Beach: 10 km
  • Sindhudurg Fort: 28 km

Famous For: Beautiful scenery, Nivati rock.

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal

 5:Devbagh Beach:

Situated approximately 3 kilometers away from Bhogwe beach, 6 Km from Tarkarli beach and  40 Km from Kudal, Devbagh beach is another famous beach in Sindhudurg. Accessible by boat from Tsunami Island, Devbagh beach stands out as a gem among Konkan’s coastal treasures.

Nestled within Malvan city, Devbagh is conveniently reachable, being around 30 Km from Kudal railway station. Renowed for its serene ambiance, Devbagh offers a tranquil escape with fewer crowds compared to its counterparts. The area boasts a variety of accommodation options including hotels and resorts, enhancing the visitor’s experience.

Scuba diving in Devbagh Beach


Also you can rent a vehicle to enjoy your trip and to fully explore the famous spots in Sindhudurg. Devbagh beach is not only famous for the sparkling beach, golden sand but also famous for the water sports activities. Especially famous for Scuba-Diving. They will take you to the deep sea for Scuba-Diving. This place is better than the rest of the places for scuba diving. From my personal experience, I would like to suggest you to do scuba diving in this beach.

Distance From:

  •  Kudal: 35 km
  • Parule Bazaar: 8 km
  • Tarkarli Beach: 6 km by road
  • Malvan: 13 km by road

Famous For: Sparkling sea, Golden sand, Water sports activities

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal

Extra Activity:

If you are planning to visit Sindhudurg, plan your trip for 5-6 days. Because there are many interesting things that we can do. If you can make all your reservations in advance, including your water sports activities and ferry ride, that would be ideal.

Apart from all of this, a ferry ride to 7-8 of the most famous points will give you even more enjoyment. Morning is the best time to visit these points. Since most people want to see the Dolphins, it will be great if you arrive by 6 am.

They cost around 1700-1800  for ferry rides which covers all of these points.

  • Dolphin poin
  • Black water point:
  • Devbagh-Sangam point:
  • Nivati Rock Beach:
  • Golden Rock:
  • Seagal point:

Water sport Packages:

  •  scuba diving: Rs.1200
  •  Banana ride, Bumpy ride, Speed boat ride: 500-600 Rs.
  •  Ferry ride: 1800 Rs.
  •  Parasailing : Without deep- 600 Rs. &  With deep-800 Rs.

 Must Try:

  • Malvani food
  • Surmai fish thali
  • Solkadhi
  • Spicy chicken curry
  • Seafood.

Where to stay In Sindhudurg:

You can stay at a hotel called Gratitude Stays near Parule Bazaar, which is really different from most other hotels. The Hotel staff is very friendly. It is about 5 minutes of a walking distance from Parule Bazaar Chowk. You can easily explore all the famous spots in the Sindhudurg district from this location. Otherwise, you can also book a hotel in Malvan, best hotels are available at this site.

Beaches in Konkan
Gratitude stays
Beaches in Konkan
Gratitude stays

MTDC has luxurious resorts near the Tarkarli beach. If you want to stay near Tarkarli, there are lots of hotels are available at the beachfront.

How to reach:

By Road :

From Mumbai : Sindhudurg is approximately 470 km away from Mumbai, and the journey takes around 8-9 hours by road. You can take the National Highway NH66 ( formerly NH17) route via Panvel, Mangaon, Mahad, and Ratnagiri to reach Sindhudurg. The road is well connected, offering a smooth driving experience.

From Pune : If you are traveling from Pune, Sindhudurg is about 360 Km away, and the journey typically takes around 7-8 hours by road. You can take the NH66 route via Satara, Kolhapur, and Kankavli to reach your destination.

From Goa : Sindhudurg is approximately 150 Km away from Goa, and you can reach your destination in around 3-4 hours by road. The route via Pernem, Sawantwadi, and Kudal offers a scenic drive along the Konkan coast.

By Bus : 

MSRTC operates regular bus services from major cities in Maharashtra to Sindhudurg. You can check the official MSRTC website or visit a nearby bus depot to inquire about schedules, fares, and reservation options.

Several private bus operators also offer services to Sindhudurg from cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. These operators provide varying levels of comfort and amenities, so it is advisable to research and book tickets in advance to secure your preferred seat.

By Train :

You have to catch the train to Kudal. From Kudal station about 5 to 10 min. of a walking distance you will get the Kudal bus stand. From the bus stand you have to catch the bus to Malvan. If you have booked your hotel near Parule Bazaar then you have to get off at Parule Bazaar. Auto is also available and it will cost you Rs.700-800.

Bus charges : 

From kudal to Parule bajaar:  Rs.40-50
From Parule Bajaar to Malvan:  Rs.30-40

By Air : 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai is located about 510 km from Sindhudurg. From here, you can either take a direct bus to Sindhudurg or board a train to the nearest railway stations like Kudal, Sindhudurg or Sawantwadi road.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, your journey to Sindhudurg promises to be an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags and immerse yourself in the beauty of this hidden gem on the Konkan coast.

Best time to visit Sindhudurg :

Winter is arguably the best time to visit Sindhudurg. The weather during these months is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C, making it ideal for exploring the nearby attractions without the discomfort of scorching heat or heavy rains.

The clear skies and gentle sea breeze add to the charm, creating picture-perfect moments for beach lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing, which are best enjoyed during winter.

In the monsoon season, the region receives heavy rainfall, revitalizing its landscapes and filling up its rivers and waterfalls. While the rains may limit outdoor activities and beach visits, monsoon also bring a unique charm to the region.

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