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7 reasons why you should take experience of traveling by Konkan Railway

Here are 7 reasons why you should take experience of traveling by Konkan Railway 

It is a breathtaking journey that lures you to join the Konkan railway tour. The Konkan railway is considered India’s biggest and hardest infrastructure.

 India’s finest engineers completed the construction of this railway line within 8 years. With 738 KM of breathtaking scenery, sights, and views, this railway line truly sets it apart from all the others. A trip along the Konkan railway reveals the true beauty of the Indian nature.

Here is seven fascinating facts and reasons why you should buy a ticket and get into the Konkan railway.

1-It connects the states of Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra

At first, the engineers faced serious obstacles, and it was almost an impossible task to finish a railway route of that length. Today the Konkan railway is considered a success story, it connects three different states in that region.

The Konkan train gives you the chance to explore the states of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra in a single trip. If this is your first time, I can assure you that this journey will definitely amaze you.

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2- Curving turns, tunnels, and bridges

While traveling with the Konkan railway, you will feel like you are in one of those treasure hunting movies. You will get surprised by the number of tunnels, curving turns, and bridges.

Konkan Railway
Konkan railway passing through tunnel

Konkan Railway

It’s estimated that every 2 or 3 km, you will reach a tunnel or a curving turn; the Konkan railway bridges are estimated to be 60 feet high. Plus, the Konkan railway will go through the longest tunnel which is estimated to be 6.50 Km.

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3- The Panval viaduct

Speaking of tunnels and bridges, the Panval viaduct is one of Asia’s tallest bridges, the bridge itself is a masterpiece. You will find the bridge before reaching Ratnagiri of the state of Maharashtra.

I will take my hat and salute the engineers who built this amazing bridge because it is not only high but connects two hills.

The Panval viaduct contains 12 spans and 10 pillars. 6 of those pillars are considered taller even than the Qutub Minar. When reaching the Panval viaduct you will feel like your train is almost flying, and who doesn’t like to travel on a flying train.

4- A two-part journey

It is hard to discover the regions of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra states. It takes money, effort, and a long time. The Konkan railway offers you that in a single two-part journey, how is that?

Konkan Railway

It is an unusual train, your journey will start from Mumbai and end at Madgaon, located in Goa state. Moving forward from Goa, you will travel to Mangalore.

Discover the natural life of this part of the world, the hills, the trees, and the nature of the world as it means to be that what this railway offers.

5- It gives breathtaking view

As I mentioned before, the Konkan railway is an unusual, unique, and amazing one. The Konkan railway covers two different regions, and each region has its own headquarter. For example, the first region would be the Ratnagiri region, and the second region is the Goa region. Your part in the journey is simple, pick a nice view and enjoy the railway route.

Konkan Railway

Pro tip: If you really want to enjoy the breathtaking views, take the train that passes through this area during the day. Because you can enjoy these scenes to the fullest during the day. I will give you the names of the trains passing through this area during the day.

6- Discover Konkan’s wildlife

We are talking about India here. That part of the world is known for its amazing wildlife, forests, trees, hills, charming lakes, and mesmerizing waterfalls. The Konkan region will take a lot of time to discover. Still, the railway of Konkan can make it a lot easier and more interesting for you.

Enjoy the magical views of the beaches, the bridges, and the deep routes of the dark jungle. You are on a life-changing adventure.

And one of my best travels is to travel while it is raining, they say it heals the soul when your eyes catch that view.

Pro tip: The monsoon is a great time to travel through this region. In the rainy season, you get a different kind of view that you can’t get in any other season.

7- Change of scene

It’s all about changing the scenery, which is your primary reason why you should take the long route of Konkan railway. It’s in our nature we get attracted to what captures our senses and eyes.

One thing I’m sure of it now. If you want a great scene and views in the Konkan region there will be no better option than the Konkan train.

It’s about time to catch the train and explore and discover Konkan regions and states.

Following are the names of the trains running through Konkan region during the day:

1. Mangala Lakshadweep Special ( 02618 ) – Hazrat Nizamuddin to Ernakulam Junction

2. Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Special ( 01151 ) – CSMT to Madgaon

3. Mandovi Special Fare  ( 01113 ) – CSMT to Madgaon

All these trains run regularly.



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