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Jivdhan Fort Trek (Ghatghar)

Jivdhan Fort is a prominent and famous fort in Junnar taluka. Junnar taluka is located in Pune district of Maharashtra state. The Fort is located near the village of Ghatghar and lies at a height of 3757 feet above sea level. It is situated at a distance of 125 Km from Pune, 170 Km from Mumbai and 140 Km from Thane. There are several famous forts located in Junnar including Chavand, Hadsar, Naneghat, and Shivneri. And one of them is Jivdhan fort.
Jivdhan Fort
Jivdhan Fort View From Base Village
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Jivdhan Fort History

It is believed that the Jivdhan fort dates back to the Satavahanas era. Murtaza, the last emperor of Adilshahi of  Ahmednagar, was imprisoned at Jivdhan fort by the Mughals. After this in 1635 Shri Shahaji Bhosale, father of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj freed him from this imprisonment and declared him as a King of Ahmednagar. Later, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj constructed the gateway to this fort. All the entry gates to the fort built by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. An idol of Kalas and Ganapati is carved on it.
Naneghat is located at the base of the fort. Earlier this Ghat was used for trade. A toll booth operated at Naneghat for collecting tolls from commercial traders. Since it was a gateway linking the mainland and the seas, it was heavily guarded at all times. This fort was mainly used to monitor the trade going on this route. This route was considered as very important for trade.
Jivdhan Fort
View comes after crossing first difficult patch
Later in 1818, the British captured the fort and destroyed the steps leading to the fort. A broken set of steps can be seen on your way to the fort. Consequently, it creates some difficulty in reaching the fort. At some places we have to go with the help of ropes. Getting to Jivdhan fort requires crossing very dense forests and the road is also confusing. There is high chances of getting lost or misleading the road. 

Trek Route to Jivdhan Fort: 

There are two routes to reach the top of Jivdhan Fort. You can go via the Naneghat route or else take the Ghatghar route. The Naneghat route is suitable only for experienced trekkers as it is rather challenging, and there are chances of getting lost due to confusing trails through dense forests.
Jivdhan Fort
Trek To Jivdhan Fort
Jivdhan Fort
Enjoying The View
Naneghat is the starting point for the trek to Jivdhan fort. There are some shops on your left as you go towards Naneghat, from where the trek to the fort begins. You can have breakfast here. The place also has good accommodation facilities if one wants to stay here.
Continuing from here, after 10-15 minutes of walking, you will see another trail on your right side. From here you have to take the right turn. It may be difficult for you to find your way out of the jungle if you go straight from here instead of taking the right turn. A little further on the left side you will see the path leading to the fort or the trail leading to the fort. Turning left from here will take you to dense forests. Further trek route cuts through this dense forest. While passing through the forest, you will find a trail leading to the fort. Once you reach at this patch the chances of getting lost are very less.

Jivdhan Fort 

After crossing this forest, there is a set of steps carved in mountains. Your eyes will surely be blown away as you look out from these steps. With a wall on one side and a deep ravine on the other, you are surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery. Fort has two patches that are a bit difficult to cross. One of them can be climbed without the help of a rope, while the second one requires the help of a rope.
Jivdhan Fort
At Rock-Cut Steps

First Difficult Patch:

As soon as you cross the rock-cut steps, you will encounter your first difficult patch. Crossing should be done with caution, and good-grip shoes should be worn. There is deep ravine. This patch does not have any support. Avoid crossing this patch during monsoon if the water flow is very high.

Second Difficult Patch :

The second patch comes after passing this stage. Rope is available at this patch to cross. You have to pass this patch only with the help of this rope. Don’t dare to cross this patch without taking the help of a rope during monsoon. After crossing the road leads to the Kalyan Darwaja. (Darwaja : Gate)
The fort offers an expansive view of the Sahyadri Mountain range. From the top of Jivdhan fort, one can see Nanacha Aanghta, Harishchandragad, Ratangad, Naneghat, Hadsar fort, Nimgiri fort, Hadsar, Chavand, Kukdeshwar’s temple, small dam of Dhasai and the roads in Malshej Ghat.
Jivdhan Fort
View Of Vanarlingi Pinnacle from Top Of The Fort
In addition to this, the view of Vanarlingi pinnacle from the top of the fort is quite stunning. Vanarlingi pinnacle is famous for rock climbing events organized by teams of professional climbers. Also valley ziplining is also carried on this. In winter you can go from the top of the Jivdhan fort to Vanarlingi Pinnacle by zip line. 

Pro Tip : Feel free to contact me if you are interested in zip lining to Vanarlingi Pinnacle (Sulka in Marathi). I will give you the organizer’s contact information.

How To Reach Jivdhan Fort :

By Bus :

There is very limited bus service to Ghatghar. So it is a bit difficult to reach here by public transport. And the important thing is that you will not get the bus at the time you want. Your time can be wasted in this way. In this case, you will be better off coming with your own or rented vehicle. Still, if you intend to arrive by public transport, read the information below.

If coming by public transport then you have to come to Kalyan bus stand first. From Kalyan bus stand you have to catch the bus going to Malshej Ghat. Then you have to get off at Tokawade or Vaishakhare village. From here you can take a rickshaw or jeep to reach naneghat starting point. 

If you are coming from Pune, Junnar or Ahmednagar then reach Ghatghar. We did the same. We came here by car. From this point you can start your trek to Jivdhan Fort. 

By Train :

You have to catch the train to Kalyan. From Kalyan Railway station about 5-8 minutes of walking distance you will get Kalyan bus stand. You will easily get the buses going towards Malshej Ghat. You have to get down at Tokawade village. From Tokawade village you can take rickshaw or jeep to reach Naneghat starting point.

Pro Tip:  It will be good if you come with your own vehicle. Be sure not to rely entirely on the bus. As the buses are not running on the time that we want.

Places to Visit Near Jivdhan Fort :

  • Naneghat
  • Naneghat View Point
  • Vanarlingi Sulka (Sulka-Pinnacle)
  • Malshej Ghat
  • Nimgiri Parvat
  • Shivneri Fort ( Birthplace of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) 
  • Chavand Fort
  • Bhairavgad ( One of the most difficult fort in Maharashtra)
  • Hadsar
  • Kalu Waterfall

My Experience :

We reached the base village of Jivdhan fort via Aurangabad-Ahmednagar-Junnar-Ghatghar-Naneghat route. At this location, there are a few shops. Here’s where we had breakfast. This place has good facilities for breakfast and lunch as well as accommodation.

Jivdhan Fort


Around 1’o clock we reached the base of the fort. And started the trek at 1:15. The fort was not clearly visible due to the rain, wind, and dense fog. Due to this, we had difficulty finding the correct route to the fort.  And this is why we lost our way. Despite all that, we had a great time as well. We were walking through the dense fog. It felt like we were walking in heaven. Wild experiences like these are rare. 

After that, we wasted an hour trying to find the correct route. It took us some time to get to the right place. But after some time we came to the right place. Actually we made a mistake. The point from where we started trekking, from this point after 15-20 minutes of walk, there is a small trail to the right. We had to take the right turn from here. Sadly, we were unable to see this trail in the fog, so we went straight instead of taking right turn and got lost.

As soon as we realized that we’d lost our way, we waited until the fog cleared. A little later, after the fog cleared, we spotted the road and a few peoples as well. Approximately 10-15 minutes after walking on this trail, you will see a small trail on the left. After passing there is a dense forest. Through this dense forest, the trek route continues. A stunning view of Vanarlingi pinnacle can be enjoyed from the top of the fort . 

From my experience, I found the trek to Jivdhan fort a bit difficult. Some patches will give challenge to your fitness. Having been there was an unforgettable experience. You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience on this trek. This experience you will never forget in your whole life. Do this once in a lifetime. You will have a unique experience that you have never experienced before.

Best Time To Visit Jivdhan Fort: 

A trek to Jivdhan is best experienced in the monsoon season and in winter. Also, it is very important to take care while climbing. Keep in mind that in the monsoon, the steps become slippery. By taking precautions we can climb easily. Along with the fort, you will get to see the supernatural beauty of the Sahyadri mountain range. The experience of wandering in the monsoon is next-level. 

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1. Where Is Jivdhan Fort Located ?

Ans.  Jivdhan Fort is located near the village of Ghatghar in Maharashtra state and lies at a height of 3757 feet above sea level.

2. Is The Trek To Jivdhan Fort Difficult ?

Ans. While going to the fort one has to cross two patches. The first patch has to be passed without the help of rope. Because of this, it is somewhat difficult to reach the fort. With care, we can cross this patch without too much difficulty.

3. Who Built Jivdhan Fort ?

Ans. Jivdhan fortress is believed to have been built during the Satavahana era.

4. How Much Time Does It Take To Complete Jivdhan Fort Trek ?

Ans. It takes at least 4 to 5 hr. to complete the trek to Jivdhan Fort.

5. Best Time To Visit Jivdhan Fort ?

Ans. During Monsoon and winter.


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