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Will Chat GPT Kill Travel Blogging? Everything You Need To Know

Will Chat GPT Kill Travel Blogging?

You might have heard about AI Chat GPT which was launched recently on 30 November 2022. Chat GPT is an AI chatbot developed by Open AI. Will chat GPT have any impact on travel blogging?  I’m sure, All of us have this question. So will chat GPT have any impact on blogging? Let’s know about this.

Will Chat GPT Kill Travel Blogging ?

But before we get into this, firstly we need to understand what chat GPT is and how it works.

1. What Is Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is a conversational communication dialog model developed by Open AI. (GPT stands for “Generative Pretrained Transformer”). Using this model, you can communicate in a conversational manner. In order to provide appropriate feedback, the system has been trained by artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand human language. These models are specially trained to follow the instructions and provide detailed responses.

The Chat GPT is trained with a large amount of text, allowing them to learn patterns and relationships in language, and respond fluently and coherently. The Chat GPT is specially designed for conversational AI applications like chatbots and virtual assistants.

The system is capable of understanding a wide range of queries and generating natural language responses to them. Consequently, it can be used to provide customer service and provide support.

2. Who Developed Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is owned and developed by AI research and deployment company, OpenAI. Chat GPT was founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Ilya Sutskever, a chief scientist at OpenAI. It has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Chat GPT had over 57 million users in its first month of launch. According to reports about 13 million individual active users visited chat GPT per day in January 2023. In January 2023, chat GT reached the milestone of 100 million users.

3. How Chat GPT Works ?

So far we have covered a little about what chat GPT is and who discovered it. Now let’s briefly know how chat GPT works exactly.

How does Chat GPT work? A large database of information from the Internet is used to train ChatGPT, as with most artificial intelligence programs. The system has a conversational interface, which allows it to respond to follow-up questions, reject some requests and recognise when it has malfunctioned.

Will Chat GPT Kill Travel Blogging ?

So far we have learned everything about chat GPT. Now let’s move on to our main topic.  Let’s discuss chat GPT will have any impact on travel blogging. Let me give you three reasons why chat GPT will have no impact on travel blogging.

1st Reason : 

There have been many speculations in recent years that AI language models  will one day replace human writers, including those who work in the travel industry. This has led some bloggers to question whether chat GPT will replace human writers. So the answer is that it is not possible at all.

But it’s also equally true that AI can help to create content. But still there are some aspects of blogging that chat GPT cannot replace. Most importantly, travel blogging is about storytelling, sharing personal experiences or guiding others. In short, the duty of blogger is to help others through writing.

A good and helpful blog is created only when a blogger writes from his own experience. For this requires a creativity and human emotions. A blog written by a human from his own experience is 100 times better and useful to others than the blog generated by auto generated tool like chat GPT.

It is the travel blogger’s voice that makes their content unique and engaging, and it cannot be replaced by chatbots or artificial intelligence.

2nd Reason :  

A travel blogger builds a community through writing. As a blogger, we build relationships with our readers by sharing our experiences and providing valuable information and advice. This creates a sense of trust and connection between blogger and readers. Additionally, bloggers interact with their followers on social media, through comments, and through other channels.

If anyone has any doubt then they can immediately ask in the comment section. He can also ask the blogger directly by sending a message on Instagram or Facebook. Chat GPT will not be able to do this.

3rd Reason :

Travel blogging is not just about giving some information about the places but also about inspiring others through your writing. The purpose of bloggers is not just to provide useful advice and recommendations, but also to inspire their readers to explore the world and gain new experiences. Passion and enthusiasm are both required in order to create great content, which AI-generated content simply cannot match.

It should be noted that chatbots and AI language models, such as ChatGPT, can help to create content. However, they cannot replace the authenticity, emotions, and personal touch of a human writer.

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