7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Goa In Monsoon 

For both Indians and tourists looking for a memorable experience, Goa is like that sweet child that everyone grew fond of; it is a destination for both. The city of Goa is known for its eye-catching beaches, festivals, and dazzling wildlife encounters. Honeymooners, solo travelers, and families from all over the world visit Goa during the monsoon season to enjoy its breathtaking sights.

Goa in Monsoon

So, why should you visit Goa in the monsoon?

1.It is the best time to discover wildlife.

Goa’s wildlife adds a unique flavor of danger and adrenaline to its tourists. But if you want to have a unique wildlife experience, visiting Goa in the monsoon will satisfy your needs. Enjoy the fresh green wild in the monsoon, the rain forests, and the refreshing air.

Visit Goa’s most popular wildlife sanctuaries, such as the Mhadie wildlife sanctuary, the Mollem national park, and the Bhagwan sanctuary.

The monsoon is considered a new start to nature in Goa. The forests wear new fresh green dresses and then the tropical forest takes a sigh of relief. On top of that, visiting Goa during the monsoon is the best time to find the Indian Guar, the rare Malabar giant squirrel, and other rare species.

While you are in Goa in the monsoon, why not drive through the tropical forest and see the spice plantations?

It’s a long drive, but the experience is worth the effort.

2.It Is The Best Time To Experience Lush green surroundings

The monsoon session starts from June to July. It’s one of the rainiest seasons in Goa at this time of the year. But, that’s also one of the best times to experience the state’s lush greens.

Goa In Monsoon
View From Chapora Fort

Enjoy the lush green surroundings and the enhanced beauty of Goa during the monsoon. Monsoon is the time when Goa’s forest, greens, and nature enhance themselves. Away from the spring crowds, in the monsoon, you can relax and enjoy the lush green vibes.

You will get high on the natural beauty of the countryside during the monsoon. Goa’s beauty will captivate your attention, sight, and breath.

3.It Is The Best Time To Explore Waterfalls

Another compelling reason why you should visit Goa in the monsoon is its sparkling waterfalls. The best time to visit Goa waterfalls is from June to September, the rainy season.

Goa In Monsoon
Dudhsagar Waterfall

Then head to South Goa, taking a private cab or bike. The deeper you get, the better you capture these amazing sights. One of the most famous and popular waterfalls in Goa is the Dudhsagar falls. Or the southern waterfalls, such as the Kuskem fall. In total, there are about 18 different falls you can visit during your time in Goa.

Goa In Monsoon
Dudhsagar Waterfall

18 different falls, 18 different breathtaking views, an experience that every tourist wants to experience, but an experience you can only experience during the monsoon season.

One way to enjoy the falls: The visiting trip is not to hurry anything; try to enjoy more rather than visit them all. Visiting one spot can fulfill your inner needs.

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4.Goa beyond beaches

The state of Goa has more than 30 different beaches, from white sand beaches to sparkling coastline. But, your trip to Goa isn’t complete unless you experience other activities beyond beaches.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Goa each year to enjoy the scenic views, dazzling nightfalls, boat cruises, cuisines, and other attractions.

The Goa experience has a unique combination of culture, history, religion, architecture, and cuisine. Enjoy visiting the island of Chorao, which looks more like a peaceful village.

Visit the famous temples and Catholic buildings, enjoy the locals and celebrate with them the summer festival. Goa cruises during the monsoon are delicious, spicy, and unusual. That’s what most tourists say after visiting Goa. The fact that Goa stretches along the Arabian Sea has added more interesting flavors to its cuisine.

Goa is a sun and beach land, which means most of its food menu contains a lot of seafood.

The truth is, in Goa during the monsoon, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy beyond beach trips.

5. Less Crowded Beaches:

You won’t find many people flocking to the beaches of Goa during monsoon. And this is one of the main reasons to come here during monsoon. Sunset beach is one of my favourite beaches in South Goa. This beach is quite different from others. I would suggest you to visit this place at least once when you are in Goa.

Taking a Nap At Sunset Beach
Sinquerim Beach

Here is the list of best beaches you can visit during monsoon :

Beaches in North Goa:

1.Baga Beach

2.Calangute Beach

3.Arambol Beach

4.Anjuna Beach

5.Sinquerim Beach

6.Candolim Beach

Beaches in South Goa:

1.Cola Beach

2.Majorda Beach

3.Sunset Beach

4.Palolem Beach

6. The Food:

Humans loves unique and out of character things. We are always attracted to what is unusual for our character and culture. The same goes for food, clothes, and language. If you are looking for a complete gig experience, you must try Goan cuisine.

Delicious, spicy, and unusual.

That’s what most tourists say after visiting Goa. The fact that Goa stretches along the Arabian Sea has added more interesting flavors to its cuisine. We see a lot of common Arabian ingredients in their food. Adding rice, fish curry, and meat are on the top menu, adding spices like Kokomo.

Goa is a sun and beach land, which means most of its food menu contains a lot of seafood. The truth is, in Goa, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can always enjoy a deliciously spicy meal at the lowest price.

7.Accomodation At Cheap Price :

Going to Goa during monsoons means getting the best rates on flights and hotel rooms. If you are a budget traveler like me then monsoon is best time to exlore Goa.

so, what are you waiting for…..pack your backpack and just go…go see all the beauty in Goa……

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