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6 Reasons Why Goa Is Famous Tourist Spot In India

Reasons Why Goa Is Famous Tourist Spot In India

Goa is like that sweet child that everyone grew fond of; it is a destination for both Indians and tourists looking for a memorable experience. Goa is an Indian state located in the western Indian Ocean. Its beach stretches along with the Arabian Seas. The city of Goa is known for its eye-catching beaches, system, and dazzling wildlife encounters.

But, there are other reasons of why you should visit Goa.

1.The city beaches

If you think that only one reason won’t convince you to visit Goa, then you should see its coastline and dazzling beaches. The state of Goa has more than 30 different beaches, from white sand beaches to sparkling coastline.

Sunset Beach
Sinquerim Beach

If you are a fan of adventure sports in Colva Beach, you can rest assured your needs will be fulfilled. Or the Dona Paula beach, the perfect spot for couples on honeymoon. Head north to Morjim beach, enjoy the sand, the calm, and the spectacular experience.

You will find it easy to fall in love with every beach along the coastline of Goa. Relaxing vibes, the peace of mind, the adrenaline, that’s what Goa beaches offer.

2.The city sunset

Goa is one of the best destinations in India that has amazing sunset and sunrise views. We have all seen the sun rise and set before, but your eyes have never spotted a view like what Goa offers.

Baga Beach

Grab a seat and enjoy your drink while the sun slowly reveals itself and blooms on the horizon. Enjoy the atmosphere and the changing colors in the sky.

If you like less crowded places to spot sunrises go to Arambol beach and get high with the surrounding natural views.

In Goa, each beach gives a whole different sunrise experience. That’s another reason why you should visit Goa.

3.The food

Humans loves unique and out of character things. We are always attracted to what is unusual for our character and culture. The same goes for food, clothes, and language. If you are looking for a complete gig experience, you must try Goan cuisine.

Delicious, spicy, and unusual.

That’s what most tourists say after visiting Goa. The fact that Goa stretches along the Arabian Sea has added more interesting flavors to its cuisine. We see a lot of common Arabian ingredients in their food. Adding rice, fish curry, and meat are on the top menu, adding spices like Kokomo.

Goa is a sun and beach land, which means most of its food menu contains a lot of seafood. The truth is, in Goa, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can always enjoy a deliciously spicy meal at the lowest price.

4.The locals

If you want a real-life Goanian experience, making social bonds with the locals will help you achieve that. By visiting the state spots of interest, you will get to know the real charm of Goa. The people are so friendly and respectful.

Tolerant, welcoming, and generally nice people, that’s how much the locals Interact with them, make contact, build bridges, and make new good friends. That’s one of the reasons why people like Goa.

5.Goa festivals

Goa is a summer city, a city of sand, backwaters, and festivals, so why not visit its summer festival and better understand Indian culture? Most of its festivals start in early March, and others end in late May. Enjoy the Indian festivals, including dancing, singing, folk music, and food festivals.

Each festival is considered a symbolic celebration that has a story behind it.

The oldest festival is the Goa Carnival, something you have never seen before. Indians have celebrated the Goa carnival over the past 500 years.

Catch the Sao Joao Festival in June. Enjoy the pool parties, the excitement, and the madness this festival offers. There are other stunning festivals like the Kankun Fest festival, the Goa Heritage Festival, and the Shigmo festival.

6.Roman Catholic churches.

Speaking of festivals, there is a unique festival called the Catholic Festival, and it’s called that for a reason. Goa is rich with ancient Catholic architecture, such as the Basilica of Jesus. It is an ancient church that goes back to the Roman Empire.

Churches In Old Goa

Goa is an interesting architectural mixture of ancient Catholic buildings and Indian buildings. That resembles the strong religious relationship between Indians and Christians.

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