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Best 7 Places To Visit In Shimla

Places To Visit In Shimla

It’s not deniable that Shimla has many places of attraction for all ages and genders, it doesn’t matter what you like, in Shimla your adventure waits. However, it can be a little confusing to decide what places to visit and explore, for that matter, here is a list of the best 7 places to explore in Shimla



1.The heart of Shimla- Mall Road

Mall Road-Shimla
Mall Road

You can’t afford to not take a tour at the center and heart of Shimla, the Mall road. Whether you are alone or companions you will certainly find it attractive, interesting, and overwhelming, the mall road contains spots of attractions for visitors. Coffees shops, restaurants, malls, and all sorts of services, commodities, and luxury spots. It’s known as the cents of Shimla because it is, from there you can choose up your next destination and explorer the attractions of Shimla

2.Kalka Shimla Railway

Who wouldn’t love to experience a train tour at the depth of the greenery land and jungles of Kalka and Shimla? This train trip is not like any other ride you had experienced, you will be riding on the highpoints and sights between the butches and mountains of Shimla and India. Speaking about the woods of India, it was until recent years since those woods became a UNESCO heritage and a cultural fortune.

3.The living woods of Cheog

True heaven, for those who just need some quiet time, escapism, and relaxing moments. The living woods are located near Shimla exactly on the hilltop of Cheong, when you get into this place you find it quietly amazing and impressive.

Your stay will include extensive stay accommodation and luxury services, depending on the travel agency you chose to book with, your accessibility, and the freedom to choose your activity at these remarkable woods. No matter what your motivation, once you are on the property you will lose track of time, space, and everything else, just live the moment.

4.The green valley of Shimla

Green Valley Of Shimla
Green Valley

Some even said that the green valley of Shimla is more likely a gift from the god to their beautiful country. One thing I agree about, the valley is most certainly one of the best places in the world. You can reach the valley in no more than 10 minutes by bus, but only if you were in Kufri. The valley is located in a range of attractions and mountains, amazing sights, and mountain ranges. The view is breathtaking, the flowers, the air, the wild, it will be the adventure of a lifetime for you.

5.Jakhu temple

In Jakhu you can visit the hills of jakhu or the tallest Hanuman statue which is known as Jakhu temple, or both, the more sites you visit the best experience you get. The Hanuman statue of the temple is approximately 33 meters and the temple is approximately 2500 meters from the sea levels.

Jakhu temple

That means jakhu is a high point that allows you to enjoy sights from above. Furthermore, the nearest sight to the jakhu temple is the ridge, which happens to run through the mall road, the same as the road, the attractions spots in the ridge are plenty and quite different.


The village and hills of Chail make the best tourism experience for those who love camping outside in the green and calm places. Actually, Chail has fine places to visit that make travelers eager to visit the valley once more. Photographers will find plenty of places to take photos for as well as animals.


The best part is its nearby Shimla and Kufri which happen to have a unique name, the golden triangle of Himachal Pradesh.

7.Chadwick falls

Shimla’s waterfalls or Chadwick falls, a joyful sight for sad eyes, the view itself leaves you astonished and delightful. The waterfall is 86 meters tall, just imagine a 86 meters waterfall that is surrounded by greenery hills until it falls into the long trees of Shimla. So why not take a dive down that fall and relax in between the greenery sights and experience the wild as it should be.

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