The city of Goa is known for its eye-catching beaches, festivals, and dazzling wildlife encounters.

1.It is the best time to discover wildlife.

Enjoy the fresh green wild in the monsoon, the rain forests, and the refreshing air.

2.It Is The Best Time To Experience Lush green surrounding

You will get high on the natural beauty of the countryside during the monsoon.

3.It Is The Best Time To Explore Waterfall

One of the most famous and popular waterfalls in Goa is the Dudhsagar falls. Or the southern waterfalls, such as the Kuskem fall.

4.Goa beyond      beaches

Visit the famous temples and Catholic buildings, enjoy the locals and celebrate with them the summer festival.

5. Less Crowded            Beaches

You won’t find many people flocking to the beaches of Goa during monsoon. And this is one of the main reasons to come here during monsoon.

6. The Food

The fact that Goa stretches along the Arabian Sea has added more interesting flavors to its cuisine.

7.Accomodation    At Cheap Price

Going to Goa during monsoons means getting the best rates on flights and hotel rooms.

so, what are you waiting for...pack your backpack and just go…go see all the beauty in Goa