7  Best Places    To Visit In         Shimla

It’s not deniable that Shimla has many places of attraction for all ages and genders, it doesn’t matter what you like, in Shimla your adventure waits.

1.The heart of Shimla- Mall Road

It’s known as the cents of Shimla because it is, from there you can choose up your next destination and explorer the attractions of Shimla

Kalka Shimla Railway

This train trip is not like any other ride you had experienced, you will be riding on the highpoints and sights between the butches and mountains of Shimla.


The living woods of Cheog

True heaven, for those who just need some quiet time, escapism, and relaxing moments. The living woods are located near Shimla exactly on the hilltop of Cheong.


The green valley      of Shimla

You can reach the valley in no more than 10 minutes by bus, but only if you were in Kufri. The valley is located in a range of attractions and mountains, amazing sights, and mountain ranges.


Jakhu temple

In Jakhu you can visit the hills of jakhu or the tallest Hanuman statue which is known as Jakhu temple, or both, the more sites you visit the best experience you get.



The village and hills of Chail make the best tourism experience for those who love camping outside in the green and calm places.


Chadwick fall

Shimla’s waterfalls or Chadwick falls, a joyful sight for sad eyes, the view itself leaves you astonished and delightful.