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Sila Thoranam in Tirupati Balaji

Sila Thoranam

There are many places to see in Tirupati Balaji. Sila Thoranam is one of them. Very few people are aware about this place and its history. Sila Thoranam is Telugu word, which literally means (Sila-Stone and Thoranam- connecting two columns or an árch’ like in this case.) This is the actual meaning of this word.

Sila Thoranam
Sila Thoranam

Sila Thoranam


It is located at a distance of 4 km away from Tirupati Balaji Temple. There are only three such rare rock formations in the World. One is a rainbow sculpture in Utah in USA and another one is in the Britain. You can come here by jeep. As many jeep services are available here.

History of Sila Thoranam:

The amazing fact about this place is that the artwork here is not man-made. This is the gift of nature to this place. This arch was built in very ancient times, according to geological calculations, this rock arch is over 150 million years old and it is still intact. It is 25 ft. wide and 10 ft. in height. Devotees believe that Lord Balaji came to Tirupati from this rock and so there is a gap on the top of these rocks. If you are in Tirupati Balaji then never forget to visit this exquisite place.

How To Reach:

Once you come to Tirupati Balaji, It’s not difficult to come here. It is located at just 4km away from the Tirupati Balaji Temple. You will easily get jeeps to reach here.

Best Time To Visit:

This place can be visited in any season. However, this place surrounded by nature will definitely be worth a visit during the rainy season or in the winter. 

Distance From:

  •  Tirupati Balaji Temple: 4 km
  • Railway Station: 24 km
  •  Airport: 45 km
  •   Bus Stand: 25 km

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