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8 Dishes You Must Try When Traveling to India

8 Dishes You Must Try When Traveling to India

Baked roti - one of the dishes you must try when traveling to India
Baked roti

When thinking about India, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly its cuisine. Indian food is among the favorites in the world, and there’s definitely a good reason for this. This cuisine is rich in flavor, texture, and extraordinary spices. Therefore, saying that Indian food is tasty is a big understatement. With a plethora of exotic flavors, eating this kind of food is a culinary paradise for your taste buds. Everybody knows about curry and butter chicken, but Indian food is so much more than that. That’s why we decided to talk about 8 dishes you must try when traveling to India. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s begin this culinary journey!

Pani puri

The famous pani puri, also known as gol guppa, is a street food favorite throughout the beautiful country of India. Pani is actually water and tamarind, which is poured into the puri – thin and crispy balls made of wheat or semolina. This delicious snack is served with chickpeas, spicy potatoes, onion, and different spices. Therefore, pain puri can be spicy, sour, sweet, or tangy. For a few rupees, you get to experience the lavish explosion of flavors you’ll never forget.

Additionally, the process of eating this delicious snack is an experience for itself. You get to use a spoon to crack open the top of the deep-fried shell before filling it with exquisite toppings. To avoid any leaking, most Indians eat each pani puri in one quick bite.

Masala dosa

When it comes to dishes you must try when traveling to India, we cannot overlook masala dosa. This South Indian dish looks like a thin pancake or crepe, but it’s so much more than that. The process of making dosas is not an easy task. First, you have to make a thin batter from flour, rice, and lentils. Then, leave it to soak in water for at least 24 hours before you can shape them perfectly. Once the better is ready, you ladle it onto the hot tava and make it as thin as crepes. You can see them folded in half and filled with fried potatoes. If you want a spicy kick to your dosa, go for sambar. A lentil stew is also a great accompaniment to this extraordinary dish.

Masala dosa and other dishes served on the table.
Masala dosa is a crepe-like dish you can find at any food kiosk


Chaat is one of India’s most wonderful gourmet snacks. The name comes from three Hindi words that translate to “a delicacy,” “licking one’s fingers,” and “to devour with delight,” and this meal lives up to its name. The traditional chaat is a delicious combination of diced potato pieces, chickpeas, and crunchy fried bread,  topped with fresh coriander leaves, dried ginger, yogurt, and tamarind sauce. Nowadays, you can find different variations of chaat, and they are all uniquely delicious. So, this one definitely should be on the list of dishes you must try when traveling to India.


There isn’t just one dish, but a buffet of them. A thali, or set meal, is a plate of several Indian meals that can include everything from rice, papadum, curd, chapati, and dal to other veg curries, sambar, pickle, dessert, and everything in between. Thalis are an excellent choice when you’re hungry because dal, bread, rice, and several other items are typically refillable. The general idea of thali is to contain six different flavors – spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and acidic. They differ from restaurant to restaurant, especially if you try this dish in the South and the North of India.

A beautifully served thali.
A complex combination of all the favorite flavors of India, or in one word – Thali.


The Gujarati delicacy dhokla is a flavorful vegetarian dish composed of rice and split chickpeas. This delicacy is praised as the traditional cuisine of northwest India. Gujaratis eat it for breakfast, lunch, and occasionally as a snack or side dish. This is one more meal that takes hours to prepare. You have to soak rice and split chickpeas into equal amounts overnight. The meal is then spiced with chili, ginger, coriander, and baking soda. This helps it rise into delightful bite-size pieces. This Gujarati dish is deliciously rich and creamy when served with deep-fried chili and coriander sauce.

Vada pav

We can’t talk about dishes you must try when traveling to India and not mention vada pav. Vada pav, which originated in the state of Maharashtra, is the closest thing Indian food has to veggie burgers. This is a deep-fried potato dumpling nestled neatly within a tiny bun. To cater to the spice-loving palates of Indians across the country, the finger food specialty is usually served with a couple of chutneys and a green chili. These small potato buns, often known as Bombay burgers, may be found in street food kiosks throughout the beautiful city of Mumbai.

Dal makhani

If you’re a foodie, you have undoubtedly heard of or even tried dal makhani. However, nothing compares to trying it for the first time in the country where it originates. Dal means lentils in Hindi, and this soup-like specialty is created by stewing black lentils for hours and hours. While there are many distinct types of lentil dishes in India, dal makhani is not like any of them. It’s the best of the best, and it’s only used for special occasions like weddings. Makhani actually means “buttery” in Hindi, so you can only imagine how rich and creamy this delicacy is. Until you try it, of course. So, for the true sense of India, visit Punjab and have the best meal of your life.

A bowl of lentile soup
This creamy lentil soup is among the favorite dishes in India.


Parathas, which are often enjoyed first thing in the morning, are considered the breakfast of victors in northern India. The name paratha comes from the Sanskrit word atta, which means “layers of baked dough,” and this meal certainly lives up to that description. After resting the dough (atta) overnight, you cook it on a hot tava, and then shallow fry it. The most traditional method of eating parathas is to fill them with whatever stuffing you like. Parathas may be filled with a variety of ingredients, but aloo paratha (with potatoes) and methi paratha (with fenugreek) are two of our favorites.

Aloo paratha
Aloo paratha

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Are you ready for the culinary experience of your life?

These 8 dishes you must try when traveling to India are just the top of the very big mounting full of flavorful spots you’ll be making throughout this beautiful country. Here, you’ll experience food on a whole new level and your taste buds will be thankful for the rest of your life. We have only one thing to say – enjoy your meal or ek achchha bhojan karana!


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