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100 Useful Hindi Phrases For Travelling To India

100 Useful Hindi Phrases For Travelling To India

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. In this blog we are going to discus about basic Hindi phrases. This will be very useful for International tourists while travelling in India and also you would not face any kind of problem. Before jumping on our topic, let’s start from basic information about India.

Hindi Phrases
Hindi Phrases

India is the 7th largest country in the World by area and is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. India is known as the home of many languages. Different languages are spoken in different parts of india. But Hindi is the major and official language of India. Hindi is the most widely spoken and understood language in India.

More than 60% of the people in India can speak Hindi. India has total 28 states and 8 Union territories. Hindi is the major language of Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and uttar Pradesh. People from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana also speak and can understand Hindi language.

Learning any new language is a little difficult but not impossible. If you learn some basic sentences in Hindi, you will not have to face any obstacle during the journey. For this, take a look at the following sentences and use them while traveling in India. I’m sure it will help you.

Basic Hindi Phrases:

Hindi Phrases
Basic Hindi Phrases
  • Hi- Namaste/Namskar.
  • What’s your name-Aapka naam kya hai?
  • My Name is Rushikesh-Mera naam Rushikesh hai.
  • What-Kya.
  • why-kyu.
  • where-kaha.
  • you- Tum/Aap.
  • How- kaise.
  • Mine- Mera.
  • Ok-Thik hain.
  • Stop-Rukiye.
  • Sit-Baitho.
  • Stand up-Khade ho jao.
  • Yes-Haa.
  • No- Nahi.
  • Let’s go-Chalo.
  • Fast-Jaldi.
  • Slow-Dheere.
  • Not a problem-Koi baat nahi.
  • Seriously-Such main.
  • Amazing-Bahot accha/Bahot sundar.
  • Help me-Meri Madad kro.
  • Keep it-Rakho.
  • Why not-Kyu nahi.
  • Give me-Mujhe dedo.
  • Stop-Rukiye.
  • Thank you-Shukriya/Shukriya bhaisahab.
  • How are you-Aap kaise ho.
  • I’m fine-Main accha hu.
  • Start-Chalu karo.
  • What happened?-Kya hua?
  • Turn on-Chalu karo.
  • Turn off-Band karo.
  • Sit-Baitho.
  • Stand up-Khade ho jao.
  • I can speak Hindi-Mai Hindi bol sakta hu.
  • Which Way-Kaha se.
  • Make it spicy-Teekha banana.
  • Don’t make it too spicy-Jyada teekha mat banana.
  • Where can i get this-Ye mujhe kaha milega?

Use this Hindi Phrases while Shopping In India:

Hindi Phrases
Hindi Phrases
  • It’s too costly-Ye bahot mehanga hain/Iski kimmat bahot jadaa hain
  • How much for this-Ye kitne ka diya/Ye kitne main diya/Iske liye kitna?
  • I don’t like this-Mujhe ye pasand nahi hain/Ye mujhe accha nahi laga/Pasand nahi aaya.
  • What is this-Ye kya hain
  • I like this-Mujhe ye pasand hain.
  • What is the price of this-Iski kimmat kya hain?/Iski kimmat kitni hain?
  • I don’t want this-Mujhe ye nahi chahiye.
  • Reduce the price-Kuch kam karo.
  • I want this-Mujhe ye chahiye.
  • This is awesome-Ye bahot accha hain.
  • I really like this-Mujhe ye bahot pasand aaya.

Use this Hindi phrases while travelling in India:

Hindi Phrases
Hindi Phrases
  • I need your help-Mujhe aapki madad chahiye.
  • Where is this place-ye jagah kaha par hain?
  • I want to go there-Main waha jana chahta hu.
  • Can you give me this-Kya aap mujhe ye de sakte hoo?
  • I like this place-Mujhe ye jagah pasand aai
  • Can you show me-Kya Aap mujhe dikha sakte ho?
  • How can i go there-Main waha kaise jaa sakta hu?
  • Can i get a food-Mujhe khana milega?
  • May i sleep here-Kya main yaha so sakta hu?
  • Can i stay here-Kya main yaha rook sakta hu?
  • How can i reach there-Main waha kaise pohoch sakta hu?
  • How to reach there-Waha par kaise pahuche?
  • Where can i get this-Ye mujhe kaha milega?/Ye mujhe kaha mil sakta hain?
  • Hey buddy what you want-Bhai kya chahiye aapko?
  • What you have-Aapke paas kya hai?
  • Will you drop me-Aap mujhe waha chodh sakte ho
  • Nothing special-Kuch Khaas nahi
  • I’m very hungry-Mujhe bahot bhook lagi hain
  • Who are you-Aap kon ho?
  • What do you do-Aap kya karte ho?
  • I’m from America-Main America se hu
  • Where are you from-Aap kahase ho?
  • Where can i get taxi-Mujhe taxi kaha par milegi?

 Important Hindi Phrases:

Hindi Phrases
Hindi Phrases
  • What do you want-Kya chahiye aapko.
  • Can I do this-Kya main ye kar sakta hu?
  • Please, can you tell me this-Kya aap mujhe ye bata sakte ho?
  • How much time it takes to reach there-Waha pohchne ke liye kitna time lagta hai/Samay lagta hai
  • I’m going-Main ja raha hu
  • Take me there-Mujhe waha lekar chalo
  • He is my friend-Ye mera dost hai
  • This is mine-Ye mera hai.
  • This is yours- Ye tumhara hai
  • What do you have to eat- Aapke paas khane ke liye kya hain?
  • Can you tell me about this place-Kya aap mujhe yeh jagah ke bareme bata sakte ho?
  • This is for you-Ye aapke liye hain
  • I need water-Mujhe pani chahiye.
  • Don’t do that-Aisa mat karo.
  • I have it-Mere paas hai
  • Give me this-Ye mujhe dedo
  • I want to eat this-Mujhe ye khana hai.
  • Are you sure-Pakka.
  • I can do this-Main ye kar sakta hu.

Basic Numericals:

  • 0- Shunya/Zero.
  • 1-Ek.
  • 2-Do.
  • 3-Teen.
  • 4-Char.
  • 5-Panch.
  • 6-Cheh.
  • 7-Saat.
  • 8-Aath.
  • 9-Nao.
  • 10-Das.
  • 11-Gyaarah.
  • 12-baarah.
  • 13-Teraha.
  • 14-Chaudaha.
  • 15-Pandrah.
  • 16-Saulah.
  • 17-satraha.
  • 18-Athraha.
  • 19-Unnis.
  • 20-bees.

Other Basic Numerical:

  • 10-Das.
  • 20-Bees.
  • 30-Tis.
  • 40-Chalis.
  • 50-Pachas.
  • 60-Saath.
  • 70-Sattar.
  • 80-Assi.
  • 90-Nabbe.
  • 100-Ek Sau.
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