10 Best Movies That Will     Inspire You To Travel             The World

If you're looking for movies that will make you want to travel, these 11 are a great start

About a guy who decides to leave everything behind and explore the wilds of Alaska.

A Bollywood movie that shows the fun of life, friendships, and the joy of traveling.

Follow three friends on an awesome trip to Spain where they learn about friendship, love, and discovering themselves

An Indian movie about three best friends going on a road trip and discovering new things about each other.

Based on a true story, it's about a woman's incredible journey across the Australian desert with her dog and camels.

A story about a woman's solo hike along the challenging Pacific Crest Trail, discovering herself along the way.

Walter Mitty goes from daydreaming to real-life adventures in this visually stunning and heartwarming movie.

Three brothers reconnect on a spiritual journey through India aboard the Darjeeling Limited train.

Two friends with limited time left embark on a journey to do everything they've ever wanted.

A father walks the transformative Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to honor his son, meeting interesting people along the way.